Sex Work

Sex Work Around the World

After becoming a therapist I moved to South America, to Buenos Aires. I found that a very interesting experience as both professions lack stigma there! The people are shameless about seeing a therapist, and sex work is legal.

From this I went to the complete opposite: Cambodia. There both sex work and therapy are heavily stigmatized. And it was there that I saw the affect of heavy judgement, shame, and a lot of law; it makes things significantly worse.

And now I live in London, a place that lies geographically, and in attitude towards these professions, between Argentina and Cambodia.

Why someone contacts me

I find people come to see me because they have an issue, and happen to work in the sex industry, and don’t want their profession ‘blinding’ the therapist. Or, something has happened and they need to talk it through. Or the social stigma is starting to get them. Or some combination of the above.

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