Fees & F.A.Q.


If you’ve never been to see a therapist then roughly how it works is:

  • You can either call me or email, and then we’ll communicate a little on what you’re looking for.
  • We can then make an appointment to meet.
  • In the first session we’ll discuss further on what’s bothering you, and whether I can help. You can of course tell me as little or as much as you like. You decide. I’ll also be happy to answer any further questions you might have.
  • And each session lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Do I need to do anything before a session?

It can be good to think about what questions you want to ask, and what you would like to say. Thinking about what is missing in your life, what you would like to change, what you need or what are looking for. Also, what you would prefer not to talk about as well. It can also be useful sometimes not to schedule anything too serious after a session, as sometimes people need a little time to process what’s come up.

What is Therapy, and How Does it Works?

When an emotion such as depression or anxiety becomes too much, and you cannot find a way out, then something is wrong. Essentially its like a symptom, and when you have a symptom the first thing to do is to understand what is causing it. Once the situation is understood, then solutions can come. And solutions might be looking at changing ways of thinking and seeing the world, or maybe finding ways to change your life circumstances.


Therapy sessions are confidential, except when getting supervision as a psychotherapist with a supervisor. In these cases however, all identifying details will be omitted as much as possible. The only other case would be when I was obliged by law, which would only be in the case of a majour crime, or possible serious harm.

Length of Therapy

Sometimes people talk of therapies lasting years, and this can be the case. Sometimes it can take awhile to undo something that has been embedded in a person’s experience for a life time. However, other therapies can just be only a few sessions. It really depends on the situation.


I have two locations where I meet people. One is in North London near East Finchely tube station on the Northern Line. And the other is in Central London in Clerkenwell. Which is close to Farringdon, Chancery Lane and Angel tube stations. There are two maps at the bottom of this page that show both places.

Cancellation Policy and Fees

My fee is £90 per 1 hour and 20 minutes session, and cancellations are charged at half the rate if less than 48 hours notice is given. And the full rate if you forget to let me know.


All meetings are organised in advance. To make an appointment, Contact