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Usually directly proportional to the level of perceived, or felt, uncertainty in a situation. Can be very tough, making some of the simplest life actions more draining. Counselling


Can manifest in many ways, but the two main ones are: as an overwhelming melancholy or bubbling/explosive anger.  Churchill called it his “black dog”, and Holly Golightly the “mean reds”, being worse than “the blues”! It can make life heavier than it need be. Is often a symptom of a system that needs care. Counselling


Is a coping mechanism that has gone wrong/is outdated, combined with the knowledge of what horror exists in the world. This often means forging or creating something new and different that is unique to you to emerge: Trauma/PTSD


Modern work patterns and lifestyles can take a heavy toll on a psychological system that was not designed for it. London can be quite good at exasperating this issue, often with eagerness. Counselling

Expatriate Experience

London is a city of Internationals, which many would say is one of its strengths. I have spent nearly half my life living and working abroad as a therapist, so I know a little about this area: Expat Experience

Sex Work:

Sex work is work, and like any emotionally taxing profession, such as social work or mine as a psychotherapist, anyone in this profession could probably do with a little professional support: Sex Work